6 Signs your Hotel needs Renovating


Hotels that fail to maintain both the exterior and the interior of its buildings risk losing guests, income and potentially damaging its reputation for the long term.

With the online being the most popular method of booking a hotel the photos really do say a thousand words. That said, if you upload old photos hoping that you can still secure bookings thinking that guests won’t feel misled when they arrive to see crumbling plaster or tired carpets, then think again.

Eventually the negative reviews will mount up and potential visitors will become wise to you using out of date photographs.

Here are all the signs that your hotel needs a renovation.

Reoccurring maintenance issues

Are you constantly calling maintenance to fix faulty toilets and carrying out ‘minor’ repairs?

Of course, small faults will occur from time to time and even brand-new fixtures can have problems but a major sign that it’s time for a replacement is reoccurring issues.

Faulty plumbing and electricals are often one of the first things a guest will notice. They display negligence and the impression that you are running on a tight budget. To ensure you give your guests a positive experience consider upgrading the plumbing in the bathrooms plus, it will likely save you money in the long run too as they will run more efficiently.

Inefficient lighting can be a real bug bear for guests, dark dingy rooms are unpleasant and certainly don’t give off the feeling of luxury. This is another area where in the long run you can save money by looking into more energy efficient options.

Mould and Stains

Not only is mould unsightly, but it can also be dangerous to your health. Mould typically occurs in warm, wet spaces like bathrooms but if spaces are not ventilated correctly, it can also appear on carpets, walls and around air conditioners.

This is certainly a sign that needs to be cleaned up and any damaged fixtures should be replaced.

It may also indicate that the windows need to be placed and bathrooms updated ensuring they are fitted with extractor fans.

Broken, damaged and outdated furniture

It’s important that the furnishings of your hotel are clean and in good, useable condition. Damaged furniture is not just unaesthetically pleasing, it is also potentially hazardous to guests.

This also means that when furniture becomes outdated it should also be replaced, something may not be broken but its appearance may be tired and worn. Interiors like décor and soft furnishings should ideally be replaced every 5-7 years.

Signs to replace furniture

  • Scratches and marks
  • Fraying or faded fabrics
  • Cushions are misshapen and no longer comfortable
  • Wood has become sun-stained or has ring marks
  • Chairs that squeak or wobble (same for tables)
  • Lumpy mattresses
  • Stains of any kind that cannot be professionally removed / cleaned


Stained and squashed carpets

It’s understandable that carpets will become marked, stained and ‘less fluffy’ as time goes by. However, dirty carpets do not create a good impression for guests.

Replacing carpets is a big expense so it is reasonable to look into carpet cleaning as a first option.

It may also be worth thinking about which areas you utilise easy clean hard floors, like dining areas – where there is also more chance of spills and lobbies where there will be a high footfall.

Hallways by bedrooms, however, should always be carpeted to reduce noise.

Increasing negative reviews

If ever you’re not sure about the appearance of your hotel, your guests will be sure to tell you or at least post what they think online.

Be sure to regularly check reviews and where guests have made negative comments like the bed being uncomfortable for example it is a good idea to enquire which room, they stayed in so that you can investigate this matter for yourself.

If unfortunately the negative reviews start to pile up about the appearance of the hotel, then it is definitely worth looking into a renovation.

You haven’t renovated in over 5 years

While there is no specified timeframe to follow when it comes to hotel renovations you should always set a time to review this.

Typically, it is suggested that every 5-7 years is a good benchmark for when you should renovate. However, this doesn’t have to be a full renovation. You can choose to just redecorate, upgrade some furnishings or even just focus on one area of the hotel such as the reception.


If you would like help and advice on renovating your hotel, give Inndecs a call today.

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