Most Popular Interior Design Trends for Hotels


Every hotel wants their interior to stand out, giving their guests the most memorable experience.

When preparing for a refurbishment it’s important to incorporate design and functionality, to truly give your guests that wow factor. Consider the latest interior design trends for hospitality when putting together your plans with the designers and developers to help ensure your investments creates the biggest impact.

1.      Foliage

Hotels and hospitality venues are taking their approach to sustainability, incredibly seriously. With the introduction of plants and trees to dress entrances and external areas for dining or relaxing.

Another popular interior design trend is to bring your foliage indoors, creating a natural aesthetic to surround your guests. Used well they can create fantastic photo backgrounds, the ultimate appealing factor to visitors wanting to share their visit on social media.

2.      Rustic Finishes

Interior design is taking a step towards less polished finishes, using handcrafted furnishings made with natural more rustic materials.

An interesting take on this is introducing the eco-friendly methods of reusing and repurposing as well as using vintage and retro furniture, alongside modern pieces.

3.      Spa Bathrooms

Previously bathrooms were considering as more of a necessity than a luxury. The spaces would be minimised in order to maximise the bedroom and living areas; however, they have fast become a focal point for hotel guestrooms.

A bathroom that is tranquil, spacious and welcoming can truly set your hotel a part. One that hosts spa-like features including a large bath, natural lighting and waterfall showers.

4.      Expanding the use of Guestrooms

Guests expect the standard functionality from a hotel bedroom, bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinets and possibly a mirror with dressing table. However, if you want to level up your hotel you need to consider introducing new features into your guest rooms.

For example, creating office spaces for business travellers (choosing desks with enough space for a laptop), extra sofas for lounging spaces will provide a much more accommodating space for your guests, one they are sure to remember. The aim is to create a space that is a ‘home away from home’ with added luxury, a room that isn’t just used for changing and sleeping but enjoyed as part of the whole experience.

5.      Creating multi-functional Lobbies

It’s no surprise that the lobby is crucial to the first impression of your hotel. The interior design of this is incredibly important but more than that, hotel lobbies are now required to be multi-functional spaces.

Lobbies should be able to facilitate:

  • Relaxed social conversations
  • Formal talks
  • Using laptops and devices with plug in areas

Implementing creative space segmentation is necessary, giving your guests both intimate and social zones.

6.      Utilising Technology

While many guests may want to step away from their ‘plugged in’ life at home, it’s still important hotels give them the option to stay connected.

There are also ways to utilise technology that will better your guests experience including easy to use room systems for lighting, air conditioning, blinds etc.

Another way to improve your guests experience is the introduction of self-check-in and check-out systems. Think along the lines of anything that makes your guests stay easier and more efficient.


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