The Importance of Interior Design for Your Restaurant


Owning and running a restaurant requires so much more than just serving good food. A good interior design is so important. The design and ambience of a restaurant sets the stage for the customer’s dining experience.

The décor of your restaurant will impact how your customers view your brand and whether they will come back again. The interior design of your restaurant can also impact how much a customer is prepared to spend and how long they are prepared to stay for – design plays a significant part in your overall brand image and should be given some very careful consideration.

Let’s take a look at some specific areas of interior design for your restaurant and why they matter so much.


The design and layout of your restaurant are crucial in creating the right atmosphere. Using the space effectively but allowing enough room for customers to be able to move around the space freely without that claustrophobic feeling and to be able to relax and feel comfortable. In terms of safety, always ensure your restaurant layout allows staff to move around safely with food and drink items.


Create a relaxing atmosphere in your restaurant using the right lighting. Try not to go for lighting that is too bright as this can make customers feel uncomfortable and want to leave as soon as possible. Introducing more ambient lighting will create a relaxing feeling to your space and will allow your customers to feel like they are dining in their own home, which will encourage them to want to stay for longer and even order more than they originally had planned to.


Choosing a colour palette for your restaurant décor can be really difficult, but you need to make that choice with your customers in mind. Colours can influence people very much, even if they don’t realise it at first so your colour palette should make your customers feel comfortable and at ease. Different colours can provide different effects and evoke differing moods, such as:

  • Red, yellow and orange are thought to be strong stimulant colours, which increases appetite – these colours are used a lot by fast-food restaurants. Warmer tones of these colours can be welcoming and make people want to spend more time at a restaurant.
  • Green is thought to help create a relaxing atmosphere and would make customers want to spend longer at the restaurant.
  • White, beige and grey are more neutral colours but are thought to work best when combined with other colours.

Interior Design Décor

Décor items can really help to give that overall polished look and feel to your restaurant space. Adding some artwork to the walls is a good idea, as well as table centrepieces which could feature small candles or ornate vases with beautiful flowers all add to the overall feel of your restaurant space. Creating an ‘Instagram-worthy’ feel to your restaurant will be one of the best things you can do. Many customers go to a restaurant not just for the food, but for the aesthetics also and this will then entice them to take photos and post on social media and in particular Instagram, which is a very powerful marketing tool in attracting new customers to visit your restaurant.


The seating you choose for your restaurant can really influence your customers overall dining experience. If you are looking for your customers to order more drinks and stay for a longer period of time after they have finished their meal, comfortable chairs, recliners and sofas in calming colours and fabrics are perfect for your customer to get comfortable in.

Are you thinking of changing or updating the interior design of your restaurant? Contact our expert team today and let us help you make your restaurant thrive now and in the future.



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