Top 5 things Brits want to do after the coronavirus outbreak


With a global pandemic sweeping the world, it has made us Brits look ahead to the future and what we want to do once the world returns to a new normal. At Inndecs we specialise in refurbishing some of the countries favourite places to visit, so it seems fitting to see what the public are looking forward to doing once the outbreak has surpassed.

So, what are the top 5 things Brits want to do after the coronavirus outbreak?

  1. Go on holiday

Domestic travel is predicted to boom post coronavirus, meaning that staycation is never too far away. Travelling across the country to stay in a hotel and enjoy the local scenery, public houses and restaurants – sounds perfect!

  1. Go to the pub

Nothing is quite as refreshing as an ice cold beer and where better place to enjoy it than your local public house, we recommend to all the Gloucestershire based folk to visit one of our most recent refurbishments, Five Alls in Cheltenham.

  1. Eat out at a restaurant

Delicious food, an environment that isn’t you and your significant other sat at the dining table and a beautiful venue. Having the option to eat out at a local restaurant is one of the most exciting things for us Brits post lockdown.

Why not check out our work on Tewkesbury Park Hotel and Restaurant?

  1. Night away

Whether it is in a local hotel, caravan or holiday park, a night away from the home is something we are all excited for. Room service please!

  1. See long distance friends and family

With restrictions being in place in regard to how we can see friends and family, being able to be reunited with friends and family near and far is something we are excited for. Whether it’s at home, a restaurant, pub or a weekend getaway – we can’t wait!

What are you looking forward to doing post-coronavirus?

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