Stratton House Hotel & Spa, Cirencester

New spa pavilion and treatment rooms


Having built a relationship with Stratton House Hotel over a number of years on the hotel bedrooms, function room and trade area, we were delighted to secure the build contract to form the new spa pavilion and treatment rooms.

Over an 18 week period, five new treatment rooms, a relaxation room, a spa pavilion with jacuzzi, experience shower, steam room, and sauna were designed and constructed.

The new spa pavilion is located in the hotel’s garden and is surrounded by lush greenery. The pavilion itself is made from steel and glass, and the roof is covered in standing seam metal. The interior of the pavilion is designed to be tranquil and relaxing, with soft lighting, comfortable seating and calming music.

The new spa pavilion is a welcome addition to Stratton House Hotel and offers guests a luxurious and relaxing place to unwind.



ADS Design

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