Keeping Your Licensed Premises Hygienic During Lockdown


These are, of course, difficult times for us all and the licensed trade in the UK has been hit hard. Having said that, there will be light at the end of the tunnel and we need to be prepared for the time we open up again for trade as usual.

So what needs to be done to keep our premises hygienic during this period?

Julia Wilson is the technical director of food hygiene consultant Food Alert and recently spoke to the Morning Advertiser’s website about the key steps to keeping your premises compliant with Health & Safety regulations.

Water Supply:

• To save money and avoid the risk of Legionella bacteria, turn off the water supply
• Flush the taps through on a weekly basis and ensure stagnant water is not allowed to gather
• If the property has accommodation, remove shower heads and run the taps regularly

Pest Control:
• As the weather is heating up leave electric fly killers switched on
• If you store dry goods onsite, ensure they are stored where pests are unlikely to be able to get at them

• Regular thorough cleaning of the premises while shut will help maintain hygiene standards and reduce delays when ready to reopen
• Dishwashers and fridges should be emptied, cleaned and switched off
• Check ‘best before’ dates on all food and drink and remove items that go out of date

• Regularly check the fire detection system, intruder alarms and CCTV equipment is working
• Check key holder lists and change alarm codes and security locks if necessary

• Maintain records as normal of things such as alarm checks and freezer temperatures
• Use the time to revisit and update policies such as Health & Safety and Food Hygiene as well as risk assessments

If you follow this advice, then you will find yourself in an excellent position to reopen and start trading as soon as possible when the lockdown ends.

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